Welcome to Data&Stuff!

While I hope that the discussions on my posts are as constructive as possible, I cannot possibly monitor and moderate all interactions here. Here are some guidelines to help make this a positive space for discussion:

Be Polite

Please show respect for everyone else, and don’t be rude to anyone. As a guideline, if something you’re going to say would get you punched in the face if said in person, don’t post it here.

Be Constructive

Please make comments that add value to the discussion. This means that you shouldn’t troll or insult. Such comments will be deleted without exception.

Don’t Spam

Please don’t post about an exciting new venture with a Nigerian prince or some brand new software that’ll get you rich quick, fast, and easy. If you’ve got that going for you, that’s great. Keep it to yourself.

Ask Nicely

I kindly request for the following in your requests for code or collaborations:

Introduce Yourself

I think it’s only polite that you tell me who you are before asking for something. It’ll also be great knowing who I’m giving my code to or potentially collaborating with.

Tell Us What You’re Aiming For

Please let me know what you aim to use the code for. I’m all for collaboration, and would be happy to share my code. However, I believe that what is open source should remain open source.

If you’re producing something for commercial purposes, I’m afraid you’ll have to look elsewhere for source code to make money from.

Don’t Be Afraid to Pao Toh

If you find any comments which violate these guidelines, please let me know! I’ll greatly appreciate any support to make this space a constructive one.

Happy commenting!